Cima Mutual Recognition Agreement

5 12 2020

This agreement gives CMA Canada members preferential access to CIMA membership. Preferential access to membership helps organizations improve their competitiveness in the marketplace and increase the career opportunities of accountants. Cima and CPA Australia have recognized that global portability is increasingly important for professional accountants around the world and to seize the opportunities offered to our members and have entered into a mutual recognition agreement to provide them: CIMA works with a number of organizations around the world to promote executive accounting. Two agreements are concluded with CPA-Australia members and CMA-Canada members. Learn more about the Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) we have with CPA Australia. In addition to being a member of one of the international organizations with MRA agreement, you must: Please send your full application in the form of a PDF document (where possible) to for processing. If you want to pay your registration fees by debit or credit card, call our Global Engagement Centre on (0) 208 849 2251 and one of our advisors can help you make your payment Please note: After the creation and launch of the Association of International Certified Professional Accountant cIMA and AICPA on January 1, 2017 (`effective date`), CIMA members who have joined CIMA through this mutual recognition agreement up to the January 1, 2017 deadline will also be retroactively designated. Exclusions Candidates who have obtained their membership in cIMA through an agreement with another professional organization are not eligible under this agreement. New Zealand. (0) 800 246269 (NZ freephone)E. People who join CIMA after 1 January 2017 are only allowed to use the name CGMA if agreements have been reached between the participating agencies.

Any member applying for membership under this agreement must respect their original reputation. These include the payment of annual dues and the annual coverage of the CPD. Members of international accounting bodies who have a valid recognition agreement with CMA CPA members are entitled to CIMA membership and enjoy the same benefits as CIMA members, provided they meet the accreditation and practical experience requirements set out by CIMA. Although CPA Australia has a requirement for education, it recognizes that the CIMA qualification is considered a post-cycle master`s qualification. The conditions apply, including maintaining membership in both bodies, and for more information, click here: CIMA members applying to CPA Australia.