Collateral Agreement Po Polsku

5 12 2020

But we do not believe in the free trade agreement because even with the collateral agreements negotiated by the Clinton administration, it would undermine wages and working conditions in the United States and Canada and would do little to improve the situation of Mexican workers. It could become a guarantee for loans that go beyond the balance-of-payments mechanism. Takie érodki mogyby by` wykorzystywane jako zabezpieczenie kredytéw, tzn. jako uzupeénienie instrumentu wsparcia bilansu penatniczego. We must ensure that a similar approach is adopted for safeguards in the derivative language. Musimy dopilnowaa, aby przyjéto podobne podejécie do kwestii zabezpieczeé w zakresie instrumentéw pochodnych. And a little life isn`t worth all that collateral damage, is it? I jedno maé éycie nie jest warte wszystkie szkody zabezpieczenia, prawda? Diversification and adequate safeguards are essential to ensure financial stability. Dla zapewnienia stabilnoéci finansowej decydujéce znaczenie majé: odpowiednia dywersyfikacja i w`a`ciwe zabezpieczenia. Some security had to be cancelled in the event of death. Monsieur Cyphre ma kontrakt, ktérego zabezpieczeniem miaé byé spadek na wypadek jego émierci. Brighter than anyone around her, but like so many years of collateral damage, she merely captures the screen with her joke, with the way her refusal to forgive herself for anything resulted in a refusal to extend forgiveness to someone else; and then with their sudden and shocking vulnerability.

We need to use our current stocks as collateral. Bédzie to wymagaa u`ycia naszych obecnych posiadeoéci jako dodatkowych. But this man has no guarantee, no security. Ale czéowiek denies my zabezpieczenia, éadnego zabezpieczenia. Finally, the special status of arms sales, which implies the protection of state secrecy in the arms trade and in their ancillary restrictions. How much collateral damage are you willing to accept? Jak wiele émiertelnych ofiar jesteé w stanie zaakceptowaé? “Such a collateral agreement would nullify the fundamental objectives of the law and circumvent the objectives of Congress.” You see, in a holy war, there is no collateral damage. Widzisz, na`wiétej wojnie, denies ma takiej rzeczy jak uszkodzenia uboczne. The direct and collateral damage is enormous, but the consequences will primarily affect the innocent. Straty po`rednie i bezpo-rednie se ogromne, ale skutki wydarzeé b`ded` przede wszystkim odczuwaé niewinni ludzie.

The important points of the guarantee agreement to be examined are: I really believe that human security will be sufficient. Jedno zabezpieczenie w zupephenéci wystarczy. I think the country gives me more than sufficient guarantees, sir. Jestem pewien, ée ziemia da mi wiécej denied doa, sir. I take Cara`s guarantees, but it`s not good for me. Biora go jako zabezpieczenie. Dla mnie never jest dobry. If there is a collateral agreement, the answer must be yes, but if it is not, it should be free to withdraw its consent.

The nature of collateral may be limited depending on the type of loan (as is the case for auto and mortgage loans); it can also be flexible, for example. B for private secured loans. In a recent report, Don`t Call it a Model, the Washington Office on Latin America think tank said drug trafficking continued to thrive in Colombia and that its safety gains were “partial, potentially reversible and burdened by collateral damage.” Both borrowing rates and the requirement for guarantees should reduce the moral harm that such a belief could cause. Zaréwno stopy kredytéw jak i popyt na dodatkowe zabezpieczenie powinny ograniczyé szkody moralne, ktére mogéoby wywo`aa takie przekonanie.