Cooperative Agreements Usaid

6 12 2020

¬∑ What are the most important differences between contracts and cooperation agreements? Do you know that the cost of training is covered by your grant or cooperation agreement? Learn about the best practices of the NGO community when it comes to managing a contract cooperation contract, whether you`re new to USAID funding, or if you have years of program experience, this highly participatory workshop shows you how to apply the rules to benefit your project, your collaborators and your organization. Our experienced moderators guide you step by step through the regulations and show you how to interpret key concepts in administrative requirements, cost principles and standard rules. You return to your project to find answers to questions about your price, from “laptops are allowed” to “Does my international trip need prior authorization” to “How do I take care of a vehicle?” In addition to maintaining donor compliance, you will also learn how to build close working relationships with USAID and develop strategies for successful management of your grant or cooperation agreement. Financial and administrative staff: financial officers, officials, accounting and compliance managers, who are permanently responsible for managing USAID contracts, grants and cooperation contracts. 4. Yes – USAID`s proposed participation is considered SUBSTANTIAL INVOLVEMENT and, therefore, the appropriate implementation instrument is a cooperation agreement. (1 MB) Infographic: What is a cooperation agreement? OverviewUSAID mainly awards contracts, grants and cooperation contracts. Many NGOs are now implementing contracts, in addition to cooperation agreements and grants. While some of the rules and regulations are the same, you need to know the important differences. “This workshop opened my eyes.

Improved my understanding of contracts as opposed to cooperation agreements. Program Content/Learning GoalsThe workshop aims to provide comprehensive and detailed monitoring of compliance with USAID contracts, comparing/contrasting with cooperation contracts. The course is a mix of presentation, small group work, problem-solving and time for questions and answers. Topics include: Participants in this USAID contract course must be aware of USAID`s rules and rules on grants and cooperation agreements. In particular, they should know 22CFR26 and 22CFR28. This knowledge can be gained through participation in our USAID Rules РRegulations: Grants РCooperative Agreements and/or by the time it takes to implement USAID cooperation agreements. This knowledge will be of great use for the study of USAID contracts. This course is an introduction to the compliance landscape of USAID contracts with a comparison with that of cooperation contracts.