Dvar Agreement

7 12 2020

As part of the new partner reseller registration agreement, Juniper Networks requires all legitimate partners to accept the most recent Juniper partner registration agreement. Starting in 2017, the new requirement under the re-sale agreement changed from year to year. Eligible partners are partners who do not have an existing DVAR agreement and only buy directly through Juniper. If a partner has a DVAR agreement and buys through a distributor, the partner must sign the agreement regardless of the DVAR agreement. The June reseller partners who are not up to date when accepting the registration agreement of Juniper`s partner resellers until a given date, their accounts will be deactivated. Telefénica IoT Advanced Certified Partner: This category fits perfectly with VARs and DRRs who wish to establish a direct relationship with Telefénica without committing to large amounts of IoT connectivity. Do you want to sell with Arista? Developed for resellers and system integrators, Submit Partner Application Arista`s partnership program rewards partners with lucrative financial results comme-in-line with their level of investment in developing the know-how and core skills around the Arista solutions kit. In addition to the extensive resale opportunities associated with Arista`s US$30 billion TAM, which serves, we encourage our partners to implement a high-quality service practice that we enable by providing Arista-certified service training. The program has three (3) levels of partnership.

All new partners are on board as AUTHORIZED and work under InDirect procurement agreements with Arista distributors. As engagement activities with Arista accelerate and we live together a common success in cooperation, partners are welcome to rise to the elite level and realize additional commercial benefits. Our highest level of partnership, ELITEPLUS, is reserved for invitations and is reserved for global operating solution providers committed to implementing a strategic gtm initiative with Arista. Device Value Added Reseller – DVAR: Companies that design and manufacture IoT devices and modules. We rank our partners according to their level of engagement in the following categories: They are only available in the private domain of the partner portal. Please become a partner to access it. Arista has a separate program for sales related to U.S. federal funds. If necessary, partners are required to perform a federal supplement to the reseller agreement.

Accelerating IoT activity. We build an ecosystem that allows interaction between partners and enhances the value of opportunities and materialization. PLEASE READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS BELOW BEFORE USING THE SERVICES OF THIS WEBSITE AND/OR PARTICIPATING IN THE PROGRAM. THIS IS A LEGALLY BINDING AGREEMENT BETWEEN YOU, AN ORGANIZATION THAT IS A CISCO REGISTERED CHANNEL PARTNER (`PARTICIPATING`) AND CISCO (`CISCO`) AND THE CONDITIONS AND CONDITIONS THAT ARE THE PARTICIPANT IN THE COMMERCIAL XCELERATE PROGRAM (`PROGRAM`) PARTICIPATION IN THE PROGRAM IN ANY MANNER, INCLUDING USE OF THIS WEBSITE IMPLIES Telefénica IoT Registered Partner: this is the starting level of the program, regardless of the type of IoT player and the sector in which it operates. Registration allows a partner to acquire IoT services from Telefénica through a licensed distributor or Master Certified Partner.