Gravity Trampoline Park Safety Agreement

10 12 2020

Who needs a security agreement? Everyone needs a security agreement. If you are over the age of 16 and enter into a security agreement for people under the age of 15, it is your responsibility to communicate the risks and rules to those under 16 for whom you enter into the agreement. You cannot participate in Gravity activities without a valid security agreement. · You must empty your pockets before entering the trampoline area. What is a security agreement? Our security agreement is a simple document that explains the risks associated with participating in Gravity`s activities. The agreement outlines what you need to do to reduce the risks to yourself, the people for whom you are responsible and others who use our facilities. 1. Follow Gravity Staff Staff `Safety Signage` instructions at all times without exception. PARENT – TODDLER – 1 hr session (1 adult / up to 2 young children) – 6.00 – 6.00 – Socks – 2.50 – No open jump session available during these periods – The session lasts the whole park 18 months to less than 5 years. SEN SESSIONS – 1 session of Mr.

SEN – 5.00 euros – Socks – 2.50 – No open-jump session available during these periods – The session lasts the whole park. You must follow all instructions on the safety signs inside the GRAVITY installation. In addition, you must follow all instructions given by a member of the Jump Gravity team. It`s a brilliant pleasure. We booked the climbing walls and trampolines for our 2 children and we were definitely not… Read more Participants should be dressed appropriately for physical activity. In particular, participants should not wear objects with sharp points or that staff at Gravity Amman Indoor Trampoline Park may consider to be a potential risk of damage to trampoline equipment. At Gravity, the safety of our employees, customers and partners is of the utmost importance to us. You must help yourself and others by following our safety rules and instructions at all times. Anyone participating in activities in the gravity trampoline park must have completed and signed a valid waiver. They must be healthy and free of unwanted diseases. For clarity reasons, if you are pregnant, have heart disease, or wear any form of plaster, you are not allowed on trampolines.

If in doubt, please contact a doctor. These terms and conditions contain and are related to all references to our privacy policy. · So that you can jump safely, we have security policies in place, we review security policies and we ask all customers to see our security induction presentation at every visit. 13. You must land on two feet, your back or buttocks if you use trampolines. You can`t land on your head. I`ve done it twice, and he`ll be back. Took my 11 and 4 years and it was a good way to tire her lol. I loved it, too. As another critic said, it`s great to see some old Gambado faces working there.maeve, hazel, Connor and Evie. They all seem proud of their work. Evie, in particular, always took time for my two sons at Gambado, and she was exactly the same at Gravity.

Hello NeilTwo thanks for a fantastic evaluation. We are delighted that Gravity is a place for the whole family to have fun. We are very friendly to ensure the safety of our guests and enjoy the trampoline experience. We hope to see you again soon. Art RegardsThe Gravity Team Gravity Amman Indoor Trampoline Park will do everything in its power to ensure that you and your group`s participation will begin on the reserved date, and it is the responsibility of each participant to ensure that it arrives on time. We strongly advise you to arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of your jump period for the formalities of the registration procedures, including the provision of an assigned bracelet, verification of waiver status and visualization of the GRAVITY security presentation.