Udemy Promotional Agreement

19 12 2020

You agree that Udemy and our anti-piracy providers retain the rights mentioned above, unless you revoke them by revoking an email to piracy@udemy.com with the words “Anti-piracy rights revoked” from the email address associated with your account. Any revocation of rights takes effect 48 hours after receipt. These conditions (including all agreements and guidelines related to these conditions) represent the entire agreement between you and us (including if you are a course manager, course manager terms and promotional policy). 18. Full agreement. This agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the parties with respect to the purpose of this agreement and all previous written or oral agreements between the parties are expressly denounced. This contract and all mutually executed order forms apply in place of the terms of each order or other document provided by the Customer, and all of these conditions are null and void and are replaced by this agreement and all mutually executed order forms. This Agreement or part of it may be amended by Udemy at any time, including the addition or removal of conditions, and these changes, supplements or deletions take effect immediately after publication. c) the processing of personal data. Notwithstanding the provisions of this section, the Client agrees that Udemy may process personal data as required to: (1) storage and other processing required for the provision, maintenance and updating of the Services, and (2) the provision of customer and technical support to the customer with respect to the Services. To the extent that the client is subject to a local data protection law (including, but not limited to, the General Data Protection Regulations, or the California Personal Data Protection Act), the client agrees to require A confidentiality agreement from Udemy before providing personal data to Udemy. Udemy or our partners can offer students gift codes and action codes.

Some codes can be exchanged for gift or promotional credits that are applied to your Udemy account and can then be used to purchase eligible courses on our platform, subject to the terms of your codes. Other codes can be exchanged directly for certain courses. Gift and promotional credits cannot be used for purchases in our mobile or TV apps. Any message or other message to be sent in this document will be sent in writing and by confirmation of return by email or email (by email or email, email or by you at notices@udemy.com).