Consumer Pump Agreement

9 04 2021

Full agreement. This agreement includes the entire agreement between you and MyPetrolpump regarding the use of the site. The agreement/contract was concluded specifically between two parties, the user and MyPetrolpump, on initiative and with the user understanding and recognition that all exclusions, conditions and conditions of responsibility of the service, including all mentions or implicits mentioned in this document, are not negotiable, and the user recognize and accept that the user myPetrol pumps with the intention of renting myPetrol pumping services, and undertakes to do so independently and without constraint or constraint, or inconveniently. If the user does not agree with these conditions, the user cannot access the website and/or the Services and/or use it. These conditions are expressly replaced by previous agreements or other agreements or agreements that may exist between the user and MyPetrolpump. Despite this, MyPetrolpump may at any time terminate these conditions or services or refuse or deny access to the Services or part of a User. Additional conditions may apply to services and are considered to be part of these conditions. In the event of a conflict with the services concerned, additional conditions prevail over these conditions. MyPetrolpump can change these conditions at any time. Changes become effective as soon as they are published on the site. Please check this location from time to time to access revisions and additions to these conditions.

The user is responsible for updating the revised or modified conditions from time to time. Users who use the services after the amended terms are published are the consent of users to be bound by the amended conditions. If the user does not agree with the amended conditions, please do not use the services. MyPetrolpump reserves the right to remove content from the Site that violates any of the above conditions. Please note that your use of the Site and Services is at your own risk. MyPetrolpump disclaims any guarantee, including explicit or implied, but is not limited to non-violation of the rights of third parties with respect to the content of the site, any trust or any trust or use of the content or products of the site. That`s the end of it. MyPetrolpump may terminate your access to the Site without informing you if, reasonably at your own discretion, you are in breach of any of the terms of this Agreement. The services are provided on the current and available basis, MyPetrolpump declines all insurance and guarantees, explicit, implicit or legal, which are not expressly stipulated in these conditions, including unspoken guarantees of market continuity, adequacy to a particular purpose and non-counterfeiting.