Funding Agreement Nhmrc

9 04 2021

Funding is provided through a peer review process. There are often mitigating circumstances regarding the initial funding proposal and, in these cases, an application to amend the grants is required. These include staff changes, leave requests, suspensions, changes to planned budgetary expenditures and the transfer of the bonus to another administrative institution. Use this variant if the effects of COVID-19 have resulted in changes in objectives or objectives as defined in the research application and in the objectives or objectives approved as part of the peer review process for funding. For more information on the information to be included in this requirement, please see page 8 of the NHMRC Variations Directive. Reporting obligations for your individual project are outlined in the NHMRC funding agreement and funding rules. The Chief Investigator (CIA) is responsible for reporting for your project. Non-compliance with reporting obligations affects all Chief Investigators (CIs) who will be eligible for NHMRC funding. Previous versions of NHMRC funding agreements are available. A final report must be submitted for all awards within six months of the end of the approved funding period. The final report form provided through RGMS has been reduced and focuses on expected successes and results. The information contained in the final report can be published on the NHMRC website and also used for media purposes to promote research results or performance reports.

Failure to present the final report is a standard under the funding agreement and may be a relevant consideration for other NHMRC funding applications. If an IC withdraws and the NHMRC finds that the program is still viable, the team will have the opportunity to submit an alternative IC from the effective date of departure. However, if there is a discrepancy between the departure and replacement date, the budget is adjusted to provide proportional funding. NHMRC must be informed in advance of these cases through the program`s RAO. The document entitled “Administrative Review of Program Grants” (August 2013) provides a brief overview of the process and the submission of the administrative review, which will be completed through the RGMS and will be forwarded to the NHMRC. All high-level investigators mentioned on the grant must agree on the allocation of funds between institutions. Chief Investigators A (CIA) are invited to enter the relevant details of the “multi-institutional agreement” (MIA) and to return the document to research, innovation and commercialization (RIC) that will organize the execution with all cooperating institutions. RIC will also provide support documentation (schedule 1) to cooperating organizations.