Regional Cooperation Agreement Definition

11 04 2021

Inter-local or regional cooperation has three specific advantages: Cabarrus County has several inter-local agreements with various agencies, including other counties, supply districts and government authorities. Such agreements define how funds are allocated and the management of facilities within the county. In Cabarrus County, the Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) receives proceeds from the county`s room occupancy tax on revenues generated by occupancy of hotels and motels in the county, since the stated purpose of the tax is to generate revenue for tourism promotion. In return, the CVB gives the county 5 percent of the tax revenue for administrative purposes and an additional 10 percent to support the county`s Sport Development Fund and $100,000 for the county arena. In 2011, this inter-local agreement was amended, so that an additional 5 percent will be paid in an upgrade supplement that the county would use to upgrade the county and local schools, parks, recreation facilities and sports facilities that can be used for both residents and visitors. ISC ReCAAP encourages cooperation with other regional and international organizations (government and maritime organizations) to share information and best practices and improve its network to jointly combat piracy and armed robbery. It has signed cooperation documents with like-minded organizations such as IMO, INTERPOL, BIMCO, INTERTANKO, ASA, IFC and DCOC. Progress in regional cooperation is monitored in the annual monitoring reports: the Regional Cooperation Council is a regional and directed framework for cooperation in South-Eastern Europe, with a secretariat in Sarajevo and a liaison office in Brussels. The EU is a member of the SSC and is represented at its meetings by a representative of the European Commission and a representative of the European External Action Service. The EU has been financially supporting the CSR secretariat since its inception.

Another form of regional cooperation is provided by agencies specifically created to provide services to local authority units located in a defined service area. These include metropolitan planning organizations (DDOs) that complete regional transportation planning and government councils (Cog`s), which are tasked with promoting regional coordination and the exchange of information, plans, strategies and resources. The cooperation between Catawba and Centralina COG and local governments in their departments to create CONNECT Our Future is an excellent example of regional cooperation in action. Inter-local agreements provide a mechanism for sharing resources, allocating financial resources and coordinating planning between governments and agencies. Effective planning rarely stops immediately at political boundaries, so it is important that a process for approving agreements and adaptations of previous agreements is fluid and transparent. Cabarrus County has successfully implemented several inter-local agreements to achieve successful coordinated planning. Many regional organizations are also active in the areas of justice and home affairs and focus, for example, on cooperation between police services and cooperation between prosecutors.