Service Level Agreement For Security Guard Services South Africa

12 04 2021

Punctuality may not seem to be a security issue that needs to be addressed, but the complex structure of the Gautrain project has made it an important aspect of security operations. For example, the theft of cables could lead trains to travel at 30 km/h instead of 160 km/h, which would make everyone too late. Similarly, vagrancy on the tracks would result in delays that would reduce overall punctuality. Therefore, although it is not only a safety KPI, the requirement to maintain a punctuality rate of 97.5% for train operations was also part of the security service. Snyman concludes that ALS is one of the most important, if not the most important, tools available to a safety officer, as long as they know the environment, the risks and what they need to defend. You can then design or reshape any process and link it to a progressive approach to solving any problem through SOP. The guards were also authorized by the SOPs in terms of what they could do. For example, there were certain behaviours that were not acceptable on trains, and the guards were ordered to impose them. This automatically gave the guards the power to enforce these rules and follow the process if someone did not follow the rules. Snyman says it avoids the problem, that the guards are intimidated by the passengers, and gives them real authority — they just stick to the company`s SOPs.

[foot foot] Nico Snyman is Managing Director of Crest Advisory Africa, which specializes in risk management, corporate governance and advanced technologies. For more information, please contact or (0)76 403 4307. During the securing of the Gautrain, the SLAs and the KPIs became the basis of effective security operations and profitability. When Nico Snyman was tasked with developing and securing the Gautrain, a huge task that covered the safety of people and assets throughout the operation, he faced not only an operational and logistical challenge, but also a financial challenge. To solve the problem, Snyman insisted that patrols use safety department vehicles that were new vehicles that were not prone to collapse. More importantly, the vehicles were also equipped with fleet tracking and management technology, which meant that the security service was able to monitor patrols, again after SOPs, and to sanction violations such as not patrolling the schedule, not reacting to events, careless driving, etc. Snyman says the integration of people, processes and technology has been essential to ensure that the security department can fulfill its KPIs and avoid sanctions. There was no room for errors or even reactive actions of the security team. They needed to understand the risks they were exposed to and ensure that the processes were in place to manage them. As far as he is concerned, SLAs are in fact contracts between service providers and their customers. This contractual agreement helps you formally define the expectations of the service you offer to your customers, including the quality, nature and volume of the service.



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