First Agreement Then Marriage Taekook

20 09 2021

“Please try to understand.” tae cuts namjoon “Appa I said stop this stupid conversation” he turns around to go to his room “We are not asking for your permission taehyung. We tell you you you`re going to marry her on July 14, that`s all,” said namjoon, “and went to his room” WHAT? “the eyes relax in shock and look at all those who go silently to their room as if nothing had gone wrong. Tae looked at his emama, which follows gently in his room, he expected at least his Aomma to say something, but he did exactly the opposite because he remained silent, as if he too agreed with this marriage. Tae kept rolling on his bed in confusion, crazy and new unknown, not knowing what to do. He waits for the nocturnal embrace of his Aomma and in the hope that he might change His Mind Emama to stop this marriage, but Jin does not show it today like the other days he does. It checks the time it will be posted on July 12 at 11:33 p.m. “I don`t agree with this stupid business arrangement, especially you still don`t have to say sorry for what you did to me” tae is first except him “sorry”, he has nothing but marriage. “Shhhhhhh lolita, I just wondered, do you have any desire to celebrate our marriage as something special or something?” asked guk a few seconds later, he took off his hands to make her answer. “First, I never accepted this deal” he pulls his handle on Tae`s waist, tae complains and bites his lips to hide some pain “DON`T. I NEVER DID.

SAY. ONCE AGAIN. If you recover your memory, you will know how much we loved and our marriage is not only for our love of business. US,” Guk said with his cold tone and then his grip, his eyes torn by guk different reactions. Didn`t you do anything wrong? You don`t agree with this stupid agreement to buy me for your store? “, shouts tae furiously and unconsciously he grabs the Guk shirt collar.” Does that mean I only have one day to end this stupid marriage? Tae said softly as he looked at the clock. “I knew it, but I love you,” lolita. I knew you knew,” said with a complacent smile. Guk sighed and shook his face, “Seeing Lolita, I won`t apologize if I say it means I agree with what I didn`t do. So, please, erase that in your head, let`s start our new love with a new life,” he said with a small smile and whispered on his lips.

Tae wiped him in anger. Tae tries to push him away, but Guk`s powerful handles have caused him to fail and still hugs him in his tight waist. On the other hand, Guk doesn`t want to let him go for a second, he was patiently waiting for Tae to retrieve his memories, but everything wasted his time. So he decided to stick to his Lolita 24/7 and the solution is EHE, which is also approved by all. Meanwhile, Guk is regaining his number one position and he has reached the place where no one can touch him, either only in a playful way. He used his full anger for his business, anger means the memory loss of his Lolita, he can`t see love in Tae`s eyes, he can`t touch or kiss her. He was crazy day and night, which brought him to the highest level in world affairs. Of course, he does not forget his detective work. This break of a few months raised him with a little more aggressiveness to show his love.

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