House Chores Agreement

22 09 2021

Are they completed daily, weekly or as needed? Be specific to each task and indicate exactly when you expect it to be completed by your child.) You can offer positive consequences every day, for example. B if you let your teen use their electronics, when their tasks are completed. It`s up to him to decide when he wants to do the work. This Mission Agreement is the oral and written agreement that [PARENT NAME] hereby refers to as “Parent” and [CHILD NAME], hereinafter referred to as “Child”. The conditions set out therein constitute the approval and contribution of both parties and have both had the opportunity to read and discuss this agreement as a whole. As agreed, (name of Tween) is responsible for the performance of the following household chores: This contract must formally recognize the agreement between (name of parents) and (name of Tween) on the responsibility for housework. . . .