Ird Voluntary Child Support Agreement

24 09 2021

The money must help cover the cost of raising a child. If you have a single parent rate or the child assistance allowance, you must request a formula evaluation. What you need to do to set up your child support depends on the option you have chosen. The agreement must be for regular payments, either weekly, 14 days or monthly. The amount to be paid under the agreement must be at least US$520 for the year (US$10 per week). We do not decide the rules of education, who is a parent or who has daily custody of the children. You can contact your lawyer, the communal law centre, the local coordinator of the family court or the civic guidance office for assistance with these matters. If parents or non-parents can agree on family allowances, but if we want us to manage them for them, they can declare a voluntary agreement with us. We collect and redirect money from the responsible parent to the receiving guardian…