Kitchen Cabinet Installation Agreement

25 09 2021

Manufacture and installation of kitchen cabinets according to design documents Delivery of cabinets to the owner`s location for the installation of the supply and installation of a blind angle extract mechanism; Model # Rev-A-Shelf 4WLS882-35-570 Supply and installation of 50 quarter double bins / recycled extract, model # Rev-A-Shelf 5349-2150DM2 Provide and install a custom integrated panel for the Miele Gesch provided by the customer Error Deployment and installation of crown shapes according to design diagrams All deliveries of goods are made to the customer`s garage. In the event that there is no garage, delivery is made to the most accessible area, defined at Kitchenscapes` sole discretion. A delivery surcharge of USD 300.00 “in-home” is levied for placing goods elsewhere. The customer has full responsibility for ensuring that access to the delivery areas is accessible and free of obstacles and dangers. Delivery of goods may be delayed or cancelled at Kitchenscapes` sole discretion if the project is considered unsafe. In case of delay caused by hazardous construction conditions, a minimum fee of USD 300.00 is charged, with an additional USD 300.00 per hour after the first hour. These fees are not prorated for partial hours. Changes to the delivery date of the customer or its representatives must be submitted to Kitchenscapes no later than 10 business days prior to scheduled delivery. Customer is responsible for all costs incurred, plus a 10% surcharge for any change to an expected delivery date with less than 10 business days to Kitchenscapes. It is possible not to change the delivery dates desired by the customer or the customer`s representatives. Delivery services are provided by third parties and customer agrees to keep Kitchenscapes harmless from any damage, loss, injury or other defect or loss of use resulting from the delivery of cabinets, equipment or other goods. one. If the location conditions do not allow the delivery and/or installation of the project, a secure area, protected from the elements and air-conditioned, as indicated in the Guarantee section, must be made available on site for storage.

If the conditions do not allow the storage of the product on site, Artisanat Interiors Corp. will provide storage for a limited time, no more than 5 working days, at no additional cost. Summary of kitchen cabinets:o Facial frame with unfinished recessed doors and drawers with curved leg details “Rockridge” (as defined in the design document)o The boxes are made of prefabricated 3/4″ (9-ply) maple wood where the cabinets are hidden by a massive door and ” (9-ply) of unfinished plywood, where the cabinets are visible by stained glass door panels. The frames of the face are made of poplar. The cabinets have hidden Hinges of Blumotion and Soft-Close blumotion shock absorbers installed on top of each cabinet. Three shelves will be included in each cabinet and all shelves are equipped with a baro mobile pencil system doors and drawers are made of solid hardwood mapleo drawers drawer boxes are made of massive swallowtail maple with a clear surface and installed with blumotion soft close invisible full extension valves…