Subaward Agreement Definition

9 10 2021

ASU provides sub-grants to other companies that, in collaboration with an ASU PI, carry out a significant part of the programmatic efforts of a grant or contract. To determine whether the ASU should enter into a subaward, see the Subrecipient vs. Vendor / Contractor vs. Consultant tool. A subaward is a formal written agreement between Stanford University and a subcontractor to perform part of the declaration of work as part of a Stanford-sponsored project. A subaward must contain a clearly defined and intellectually significant specification (SOW), which must be carried out by the sub-final. The SOW of the sub-establishment is provided by its staff using its own facilities and resources. In general, Stanford does not leave individual sub-allocations. For both Federally funded and non-federal projects, Stanford sticks to the definition of a federal deputy judge, as defined in Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Uniform Requirements administrative, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Guidance (Uniform Guidance), section 200.93.

Contact the administrative contact of the other company at an early stage in order to obtain information about the documents needed to open a subaward, including upcoming deadlines. Foreign sub-intentions should usually be taken into account at the beginning of the project. Many do not have the ability to do the work before they get these funds. To support this approach, foreign subawards can normally benefit from a fixed price agreement in which part of the funds is spent in advance with the balance provided according to a precise schedule of concrete benefits. That is why it is important that the volume of work is formulated specifically to meet this type of arrangement.. . . .