They Nodded In Agreement

11 10 2021

There is a more subtle version that is quite common in the film, where character A is asked a question and answers character B by basically winking in agreement or nodding with their eyes/eyelids. They don`t move their heads, and they can say something, but normally, when they don`t, deliberately, the audience hasn`t made it 100% clear what character B`s intentions are. I can`t imagine a concrete example, but I`ve seen it especially in high-tension situations when a group of characters try to figure out which side of the fence each person is, or during interrogation scenes. She nodded to the waiter to bring in the cake. I was expecting an argument, but she was nodding and going out. I think you`ll notice that, in most cases, a person “blinks or nods with their eyes/eyelids” would be quite difficult to interpret as a definitive yes or no. So it`s no surprise that we don`t have a single word for this…