Unilateral Undertaking Agreement

13 10 2021

If your undertaking is complete and acceptable and the Commission has agreed to give authorization, notification of the decision will be issued to you (to the applicant) or to your agent. Legal agreements The simplest type of agreement is called a unilateral obligation. You will then need to file a copy of the signed agreement in the original with an attached plan and another copy of the agreement with the attached plan, along with a cheque to be paid to Eastleigh Borough Council to cover legal fees. Once the agreement is concluded, make sure that the agreement is dated and signed by all parties and that you have attached a site plan (with the area as the subject of the sketch of the construction application in red). This must also be signed by all parties. Since the Council adopted the contributory policy documents, the cost of making things such as play equipment or open spaces available has changed. We use national price indices [pdf] 85KB to calculate the change in costs over time, and the company must take the correct costs over time and the company must take into account the appropriate costs at the time of signing. If we obtain your commitment, we will review it and let you know if it is acceptable or if it needs to be changed. If it needs to be changed, we will contact you.

We will also review the filed proof of ownership. Your draft contract will be reviewed by our development management and law teams. You will be informed if any changes are necessary to the agreement. To make things easier, we`ve created a template that allows you to complete your business. You can only complete it if: The croque-mort has accepted that after the date of the DCO, he will make the unilateral commitment as soon as possible and present it to the councils with the intention of applying it under certain conditions by the councils of the croque-mort and in the countryside and successors of the croque-mort in this country. They handle applications and appointments and assess suitability for affordable housing. Appendix A: Unilateral Commitment for Off-Site Contributions DATE…….. This is a simplified agreement under section 106 (S106) which provides that, in order to mitigate these effects, a contribution of £232 per unit has been agreed, deemed acceptable, provided that this is guaranteed by a unilateral commitment. When presenting your unilateral commitment project, also make sure that you indicate the following: We recommend that you use the following template for unilateral commitments to avoid any delays in the construction application procedure. .

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